It’s curiosity that bridges the gaps between art and science (part 2)

This is the second part of an interview with Subtle Technologies’ Founder, Jim Ruxton.

Megan:  What lessons have you learned in previous years that you apply today?

Jim: I think one of the most important lessons is to delegate as much as possible. I sometimes still find this difficult but it’s an important lesson. I’ve pretty well done everything at Subtle Technologies from acting as MC to being videographer to fixing artists electronics at the last minute. The whole Subtle Technologies team is amazing at pitching in whenever needed which is awesome and so important to running a smooth event.

Megan: With so many people and so many events happening, sometimes festivals of this nature throw curve-balls at the organizers. What’s the most surprising thing to have happen at a previous Subtle Technologies Festival?

Jim: I remember one year one of our presenters couldn’t make it at the last minute. It just so happened that the boyfriend of one of the presenters who was there was Rafael Lazano Hemmer. He is one of Canada’s foremost media artists. He pitched in and did a spontaneous presentation that was amazing. These are the kind of surprises I don’t mind happening.

Megan: What are you really excited about for this Subtle Technologies festival?

Jim: That’s a difficult question. I am excited about so many things including the exhibition, performance and screening. While all the presentations at our symposium will be interesting I’m intrigued by a couple that I’m really looking forward to hearing more about. I’m curious about the presentation by the Italian musician and nanotechnology researcher Riccardo Castagna entitled “Biomatic Virus – Viral Sound”. He has such a diverse range of interests and the idea of creating a musical virus containing biological information is intriguing to me. I’m also looking forward to hearing more about Timothy Senior’s project “Toward the Memory Tower” . Timothy is a neuroscience researcher who has created a fully immersive virtual reality environment that explores memory traces during sleep. I’m really interested in hearing from scientists looking for novel ways to explore and describe their science. I’m definitely a kid in a candy factory at Subtle Technologies.

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