Dr. Michael Page & New developments in digital holography

By Megan

Michael Page is Professor, faculty of Art OCAD U and Visiting Professor, Institute for Optical Sciences, U of T.  Funnily enough, the first thing that I thought of when I learned that Dr. Page would be presenting on digital holography, is the holodeck. Apparently, I’m not the only one.  Dr. Page says that the public is so anxious to get to the holodeck that scientists are actually borrowing the term holography to meet that demand.  So, there are cool 3D constructs on the ipad, and some other interesting ideas masquerading as holographic technologies – but they’re not truly holograms.  Dr. Page did, however, share some actual holograms with us, including holograms with Margaret Atwood, and one where the hologram’s eyes follow you wherever you go. In addition, haptic holography is all about creating holograms you can actually touch. For example, an augmented work station that allows the user to feel some degree of friction and texture of objects, and actually move objects through interactive hologrpahic displays. Dr. Page also showed a fantastic example of an animated hologram – for example a sundial hologram on an iphone to tell the time by interacting with other technologies on the iphone that can identify the direction of the sun.  I’d love to see that show up on the app store!


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