Subtle Technologies Festival Coming Soon!!

It’s that time of year when we look forward to international artists and scientists coming together at our festival to share their work with each other and our audience. Keep your eye on our blog as we present the latest news and tell you more about upcoming events and festival participants.

We have had a great year of doing workshops in science labs throughout the year. At our festival we will be hosting a workshop on (get ready for it) SLIME MOULD. This unique organism has found it’s way into many areas of research including city planning, adaptation and robotics. The workshop is being hosted by visual artist, researcher and educator,  Heather Barnett from the University of Westminster in the UK.

Photo by Heather Barnett

Heather has been conducting a number of experiments with slime mold as part of her art practice. She started an amazing blog entitled The Slime Mould Collective, which invites scientists artists and others who are investigating the properties of slime mold to post their images and comments. The images on the site are visually stunning. Check out the blog and  I think you’ll agree.

Here is an interesting article about Japanese scientist Toshiyuki Nakagaki who is attempting to understand slime molds ability to solve mazes.

There are a limited number of spaces in the workshop so sign up early to guarantee a place. You will get to bring home your own pet slime mold. You can find more information on the workshop here.

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