Ecology + dance = ?

We’re really lucky this year to have LINK Dance company coming out to our Festival for a two-night Toronto premiere of EXPERIMENTS: Where Logic and Emotion Collide.

What I’m particularly looking forward to seeing is how the choreographer Gail Lotenberg has synthesised the scientific and the artistic in this piece.

I particularly remember something Gail said when she was visiting the Festival last year to give a talk about this piece. People often talk about how both science and art are similar because they’re both creative, but Gail said something much more interesting: she was struck by the similarity between how scientists and artists observe the world intensely, and by their shared desire to understand the tiniest details.

Based on my last couple of years of working with artists (having a scientific background myself), I think she’s definitely captured something there. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how this idea of deep observation emerges in EXPERIMENTS.

And of course the images from the production are striking: Here’s a couple of my favorites:

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