A Dancing Physicist

We are excited that Krister Shalm will be joining us at our symposium Friday . That day we will look at a number of ideas across the spectrum of art and science, from quantum physics to an artist’s interpretation of motion patterns in bird flight. Krister joined us a number of years ago to speak on some other research he was doing at the time. He was entertaining then and I’m looking forward to his presentation again this year. Not only is he an award winning physicist, Krister is an amazing dancer

Krister Heel Click 606x403 Krister Shalm

His passion for communicating science has led him to team up with a magician, musicians and other dancers.  Krister’s Project Q brought together almost 500 Lindy Hop dancers to demonstrate the power of quantum computing. Hopefully Krister will have a chance to tell and show us more about that project on Friday but he will also speak about some interesting work he recently did with University of Toronto physicist Aephraim Steinberg . Their research was recently awarded Top Physics Beakthrough of the Year by Physics World. This research involved using “weak measurements” to trace the average trajectories of single photons in the classical double slit experiment.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this work from Krister since I have always been led to believe this was an impossible measurement to make.  This will be a very inspiring presentation not to be missed!

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