Join us for a Round Table Discussion inspired by SPLICE

Dorothy Foster Chubb, Head (Detail), carbon dust, 1942-1945

Join us on Friday October 26, 2012, Bissel Building, room 538  (University of Toronto) from 5 to 7 pm  for a round table discussion  moderated by curator Nina Czegledy,  with Allison Crawford,  Assistant Professor  Psychiatry UofT, Prof David A Steinman, Biomedical Simulation UofT and exhibiting artists Jack Butler and Danielle Drew Belsky. In collaboration with Subtle Technologies, ArtSci Salon and KMDI, University of Toronto.

The round table entitled “The Mediated Body” is inspired by SPLICE : At the Intersection of Arts and Medicine. This show presents a scientific gaze at the human body by showcasing traditional anatomical art, complemented and challenged by contemporary artworks.   Over recent decades the human body has become a key site of scientific, social political and cultural interpretations. The paradigm shifts revealed important questions about alienation, the potential loss of agency and context while at the same time allowing us new opportunities for expressions of identity on a borderless scale. The increased uses of technologies have changed how we see ourselves and the world around us. The panel discussion is intended to investigate and comment on these issues.  The exhibition SPLICE : At the Intersection of Arts and Medicine is curated by Nina Czegledy and is co-presented by Blackwood Gallery and the University of Toronto Art Centre. For more information on the show and other accompying events please visit the Blackwood Gallery  website.

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