-Thorsten Fleisch Energie! (2007, Ger)
col., sound, 5’18”
Thorsten Fleisch is artistically born at the Stadelschule experimental school of cinema in Frankfurt, with Peter Kubelka as teacher.
In his movies the artist used both digital and analog techniques, working several times on 16 mm films with natural material, such as crystal, fire, electricity and tissue. He is always searching for new visions and hidden worlds, and he thinks technology is the key to investigate them. He consider it a chance to offer a new perspective, a point of view that diverges from mere senses; his aim is to take it beyond its limits, in order to get a mix of technology and natural phenomena as a result. In fact, in some of his works nature seems to evade control, causing little and unpredictable disasters that sometimes even lead to the destruction of the technology used: it’s been the case of Friendly Fire, where the fire burnt the film itself, or Energie!, one of his greatest international works, in which the electricity pierced the photographic paper. Technically speaking, the visual material takes its shape from a controlled electron beam emitted from a cathode ray tube. A high voltage bolt of about 30.000 volts is shot on sheets of photographic paper. These sheets are then temporally combined in order to create a global audiovisual sheet, whose result depends on the sound.