Hidden Worlds Curatorial Statement

Hidden Worlds
Screening curated by Marco Mancuso for  Digicult

The screening Hidden Worlds is a critical reflection upon the existing connection between audiovisual art, energy and science at the intersection with cinema, video and the digital.
The Hidden Worlds exhibition celebrates one of the most fascinating yet obscure territories of artistic audiovisual contemporary research: the relation between art and science. The video screening encourage a critical reflection on the existing relation between audiovisual contemporary artistic research (in relation to cinema, video and digital experiences) and applied sciences.

This project, dealing with different artistic examples which investigate new expressive forms for the representation of the sound-image relation, deliberately avoids focusing on their common aesthetics, as well as on their expressive language. It rather suggests an overview on specific systems for sensorial perception, and emotional mechanisms of “saturation”, achieved through the use of hybrid techniques that today, like never before, expand the tradition of analog experimental cinema and digital audiovisuals.

What is today recognized as “immersive art-science” is a form of creative expression meant to rise above the notion of art as abstract representation, to achieve a multi-sensorial experience. The purpose here is to create aesthetical and fascinating objects as well as to invite the public to go beyond ordinary perception. Immersivity awakens a synesthetic awareness both in the mental and in the physical space. A myriad of vibrant phenomena, usually beyond the observer’s reach, are made reachable through an accurate psycho-physical conditioning.

This video screening takes the spectators to wonderful “hidden worlds”, illustrated by artists and scientists who more and more often collaborate and share experiences with one another on the research of new expressive potentialities within specific mathematical processes and physical, optical, chemical and electro-magnetic phenomena.

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