Li: The Patterns of Nature

– John N. Campbell Li: The Patterns of Nature (2007 – Usa)
col., sound 9’06”, original format: 16mm

Through time shifts, animations and techniques for microscopic observation, Li: The Patterns of Nature explores the meaning of “Li”, a Chinese word that refers to the underlying intelligence and order of nature as reflected in its organic forms and patterns.
Director John N. Campbell analyzes in a poetical and non-narrative manner the melting-pot of patterns spontaneously created by our surrounding world, thus making the distinction among living and inanimate phenomena more and more complex. Li: The Patterns of Nature explains how the natural world itself, whose naturalness and energy is often due to reproductive, conservative and evolutionary processes, can create complex architectures and structures based on physical, chemical, electromagnetic and nanometric phenomena. Despite his knowledge in science and technology, man is not able to seize these architectures with the same precision. The reason for this, as written in 1898 by biologist Hans Haecker in his Kunst Formen der Nature, is that nature is not only capable of spontaneously creating veritable “art forms”, but also of establishing a direct connection between a certain generative aesthetics, starting from a fundamental unit/core and reaching a more complex entity, a consequent evolutionary practice of adaptation.

Courtesy of the author