– Alva Noto Spray (2006, Ger)
col., sound, 8′
Spray was bound to be an audiovisual installation, based on a 8 minute in loop video showing the accumulation process of a particular visual (audiovisual) element, the pixel.
Carsten Nicolai plays with this key aspect by recreating veritable fields of order and developing precise Moirè’s patterns and models, up to the deconstruction of the graphical element created by accumulation in small pieces, particles, and dissolved substances. Yet, the result contains sufficient information in order to generate its original forms once again, thus starting a cycle of constant repetitions. If we take into consideration the definition of “Moirè effect”, the direct connection between the audiovisual outcome and the numeric and mathematical element is very clear. The Moirè effect in fact indicates an interference figure, frequently found in nature, composed by two superimposed grids at a specific angle, or even by two parallel grids with distanced chains in slightly different ways. The Moirè effect is regulated by accurate and complex sinusoidal equation. At the point of variation of parameters and variables correspond particular changes under the optical and visual point of view.

Audio by Carsten Nicolai. Courtesy of Eigen + Art gallery