Poster Exhibition: Common Ground

The Poster Exhibition is open to all Festival pass holders – register here

Curated by Lorena Salome.

The poster exhibition touches upon many different subjects and ideas analyzing the use of technology and its relation to art practices.

There are some recurrent themes in these particular projects such as network processes, augmentation of our senses and data visualizations.

We are part of a network. The idea of network is a constant in almost all the works, the importance and power of network systems and virtual communities in contemporary society. Projects that talk about the virtual and the real in the attempt to understanding this ever-changing digital world that we live in. When does the real become virtual or vice versa? There is a call to redefine human interactions with machines, natural environments, urban landscapes, the role of the artist and community.

Rediscovering our senses. A chair that translates sounds into vibrations and allows the participant to “feel” sound, opening a whole new sensorial experience. A sound helmet that lets the participant control the sound through breathing. Motion controls visual projections. In these projects, there is a shift on our sensations. We breath to control sounds, we listen to feel our body vibrate, we move to create visuals.