Dates and times: day 1 – day 2 – day 3
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The Subtle Technologies audience at a Symposium presentation.

The Symposium program during our Festival is an opportunity to see a variety of presentations by artists, scientists, theorists and practitioners from a number of disciplines. This 3-day event is unique in the way it brings people together to share their art, research and ideas.

Traditionally artists and scientists have worked apart. When brought together at our Symposium, the benefits to creating dialogue between disciplines become obvious. Join our audience to experience the worlds of art and science coming together. You will have the opportunity to meet and network with international researchers and artists working at the cutting edge of science and technology.

This year’s Symposium highlights include:

  • learn about the inner workings of networks and how data can be explored to create media art
  • the physics behind the intricate patterns created by nature
  • explorations of science through dance
  • the ways in which artists are using the latest technologies in holography and virtual worlds
  • the art of combining craft with hacking

To find out more about the Symposium see the schedule for details about each presentation.