BioArt – Art from the Laboratory

Subtle Technologies is proud to present the Canadian Premiere of BioArt on Sunday May 27 @ 11:00am. The screening will be followed by a discussion with film-maker Robert Styblo, local bioartists and scientists working in biology.

The screening and discussion take place as part of the Festival events on Sunday, and is automatically included If you have a three-day pass for the Festival. To register for this session only, please purchase a half-day Festival pass for Sunday morning, which includes the screening, the following discussion and a light lunch.

The relationship between art and science has always been multifarious and today, in the age of technoscience, has become decidedly ambiguous. Between the mechanisation of living things in biological science and the “bringing to life” of machines within the exploration of artificial life, the protagonists of transgenic art and artificial life art have dared to adopt the methods and procedures of life sciences, creating new art forms in the process. “BioArt—Art from the Laboratory” is a documentary about the BioArt movement, its technical aspects, new visions and a new approach to mankind’s great philosophical questions coupled with insights into the amazing work of progressive bio-artists.



Robert Styblo

Producer and director

“Styblo TV & VideoproduktionsKG” was established in 2003 by Robert W. K. Styblo in Vienna, Austria. Styblo has been responsible for a variety of successful TV shows and documentaries. Styblo TV has produced in Munich, Berlin, London, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles and in the Caribbean. Styblo TV has produced underwater shoots and covered red carpet events like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and even a segment in space. Styblo has also reported for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation show “25 – Das Magazin”, and was editor of the widely popular ORF show “Schoener leben”, “Better Living”, from 2004 to 2009. Styblo is currently working on exciting new documentaries.