Broad Vision: the art & science of looking

Broad Vision is an art/science research and learning programme at the University of Westminster (London, UK), which brings together students and staff from diverse disciplines to engage in collaborative questioning and experimentation.  Now in its second year the programme provides opportunities for exploratory interdisciplinary research and practice, resulting in a range of public outputs including exhibitions, publications and presentations. Through the project students become teachers, researchers and producers as they engage each other in biology, psychology and creativity. The Broad Vision staff/student team will discuss the inner workings and share individual experiences of this model for art/science education.



Heather Barnett

Visual artist

Heather Barnett is a visual artist, researcher and educator working with biological systems and scientific processes. With interests ranging across medicine, psychology, perception and visualisation, projects have included microbial portraiture, cellular wallpapers, performing cuttlefish and self-organising installations. She is a Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, UK, and runs an independent arts practice working on art/science research collaborations and public art commissions. She is also Creative Director of the biologically inspired design range, micro-designs.

Joshua Dinsmore

Artist and Student Facilitator

Joshua Dinsmore is a recent graduate from the BA (Hons) Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster. He is an artist and student facilitator for this year’s Broad Vision project, and is an art handler for Tate Galleries. He creates artworks inspired by science and is currently working on a series of sculptures using fractal geometry as the starting point.

Mellissa Fisher


Mellissa Fisher is an illustrator working in 3D, photography, painting and sculpture, whose work has been described as tactile in style and approach. Science has completely taken over her visual interests and her most recent work is inspired by fractals and biological patterns. Mellissa is graduating this year from the University of Westminster after three years of finding her feet as an artist, and has been involved in Broad Vision as a student researcher and facilitator.

John R A Smith

SEnior Lecturer, UNiversity of Westminster

John R A Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Imaging Science at the University of Westminster and an independent forensic imaging specialist. His university work includes teaching imaging science, scientific imaging and practical photography to a variety of students. He is an active member of the international forensic science community, attending and presenting at many conferences, carrying out research, lecturing at various institutions, and delivering training to students, police and private-sector forensic science providers. He describes his general interest as being ‘the influence imaging technologies have in aiding our understanding of the world at every scale’.