Thanks to our fantastic MCs!

Marc Glassman (Friday)

Marc is a radio and print journalist, film programmer, documentary producer, and veteran bookseller who has organized and hosted hundreds of film, music, and literary events in Toronto’s downtown core. Propietor of Pages, a book and magazine shop which closed after 30 years, Marc’s work in the literary community continues through Pages Beyond Bricks and Mortar and This Is Not A Reading Series. He is the Editor in Chief of POV, Canada’s leading documentary and independent film magazine, and continues his editing and writing at Montage. He has contributed to Canadian Screenwriter, Playback, Take One, and Vanguard. Marc is also the regular reviewer for CFMX-FM Classical 96.3 FM, a member of the advisory board for the Cinematheque Ontario, and one of the founding members of the Images Festival.

Brianna Smrke (Saturday)

You may recognize Brianna from S.C.A.M. (Synaesthesia Cultivation Awareness Machine), a project she presented during Subtle 2011’s poster session. She tried to convince people that her machine could temporarily give them synesthesia. It could not. It was made of an old Bop-It game. Long fascinated by the fuzzy area where art and science collide, she’s honoured to be part of the festival. An amateur structural virologist who loves painting pictures of viral proteins and moderating discussions, her passion for complexity science matches her love for bright clothing. Come fall, she’ll return to McMaster University’s interdisciplinary Arts & Science program.

Zulfikar Hirji (Sunday)

As an anthropologist and social historian, Zulfikar is interested in how human societies articulate, represent and perform understandings of self, community and other. His research focuses on Muslim societies in a range of historical and contemporary contexts. He is particularly concerned with the diverse ways in which Muslims express and articulate issues of deep human concern as well as matters of daily life. He also interrogates knowledge produced about Muslims, by academics and others.

Currently Associate Professor at York Univeristy, his research interests have lead him to study a range of issues including the production and performance of identity, the roles of art, artists and cultural workers in making social change, the dynamics of family networks and inter-generational migration, the socio-legal formation of communal identity in colonial and nationalist contexts and in religiously plural societies. He has conducted archival research and multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork in various parts of the world including East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, Europe and North America.