Proposal for Resuscitating Prehistoric Lives

Is the ancient dream of reviving past lives made possible by recent cloning technologies? My pre-post-historic epic quest investigates the reality behind the contemporary rumours. I went on an obsessional quest to resuscitate the sound of extinct animals by reconstructing their vocal tracts. As the vocal tract is made of soft tissue, it does not fossilise. The data is lost and has to be redesigned. The scientific evidence runs parallel to the rumours, fears and fictions. Advices from experts as well as predictions and invented facts are used to craft the new creatures.


Marguerite Humeau


Marguerite Humeau is a French visual artist, based in London. Marguerite Humeau’s work explores the fictional potential of scientific experiments and the role of science in the creation of contemporary myths. The work is introduced as an epic quest, setting up an enigma, documenting the journey, and presenting its final outcomes. Humeau is a recent graduate of the Design Interactions MA course at the 
RCA. Her work has been recognised internationally through various awards and publications including I-D, Blueprint, Fastcompany, WMMNA and has recently exhibited at the MoMA, New York. Her work is also part of the MoMA permanent collection.

Photo credit: Wired UK