Public Dialogue on EXPERIMENTS

The artistic and scientific creators of EXPERIMENTS discuss their unusual collaboration in a lively interactive session. Open to the public.


Gail Lotenberg

Artistic Director, LINK Dance Foundation

Choreographer, dancer and founding Artistic Director of LINK Dance, Gail Lotenberg hails from New York, spent 14 years living and creating in Yukon, and now works in the arts in Vancouver. She is associated artist with Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue since 2008, a legacy of her achievements in disseminating cross-disciplinary dance through Canada, US, and Europe since 1998. Lotenberg’s principle mentors include American dance legend Karole Armitage, Canada’s dance-theatre icon Lee Eisler and choreographer / activist Liz Lerman, Gail also enjoys playing in the wild landscapes of Western Canada, which strongly influences her approach to movement and her choreographic perspectives.

Mark Winston

Academic Director and Fellow, Centre for Dialogue & Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Mark L. Winston is that rare individual, a scientist who can speak eloquently to the public. Recognized as the world’s leading expert on bees and pollination, Dr. Winston has had a distinguished career researching, teaching, writing and commenting on bees and agriculture, environmental issues and science policy. He currently directs Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, teaches in the Banff Centre’s Science Communication program, and consults widely on utilizing dialogue to develop leadership and communication skills, focus on strategic planning, inspire organizational change, and thoughtfully engage public audiences with controversial issues.