Sensing between the lines—fringe practices in data mining, resource monitoring and biosensing

This presentation will discuss research into new kinds of knowledge representation crafted through the combination of data collected from sensors, with intuition collected from people in interviews, to a third system capable of insights neither machines nor people can produce in isolation. I will describe current field experiments and installations that integrate this approach with biosensing systems. The first one, based in Buffalo, helps people know if it is a good day to go for a swim. The second system, based in Indonesia, will help superstitious villagers share clean water wells and avoid contaminated ones. The presentation will end with a discussion of WaterBar, a public water fountain for the post-sustainability age; when clean water is simply not good enough.



Marc Böhlen

Associate Professor, Media Study, University at Buffalo

Marc Böhlen is an artist-engineer based in Buffalo, Toronto and Zürich. He offers technology support, the kind of support technology really needs. Marc Böhlen is on faculty in the Department of Media Study, at the University at Buffalo.