Conceptual Gems of Theoretical Physics

Date: Friday October 14, 2011
9:00am – 8:00pm (arrive by 8:30am; optional social activities in the evening)
Location: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo
Instructor: Dr Rob Spekkens
Registration: $100 ($70 for students/unwaged)
Includes: instruction, breakfast, lunch and snacks, wine & cheese with Perimeter Institute residents

Limited travel subsidies are available

– Spend a day at the renowned Perimeter Institute
– Experience concrete, accessible introductions to intriguing concepts fundamental to modern theoretical physics through simulations, demonstrations, hands-on activities and small-group conversations
– Interact with practicing physicists interested in future collaborative projects

This workshop will introduce artists to some of the most fruitful concepts in modern theoretical physics, with an emphasis on concepts that are infrequently discussed in public discussions of physics. The instructors will be physicists who are committed to spending the full day of the workshop with the artists. Each instructor will give a talk on an intriguing concept, including participant interactions with simulations, demonstrations and other hands-on activities where possible. The goal is to provide an intimate conceptual experience of modern physics that will enable the artists to build these ideas into original artworks. By creating the space for intense interaction with interested physicists, the workshop will create the conditions for future cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Each session will be structured as a short talk followed by an interactive discussion. After each discussion there will be a break for networking and informal idea-generation. The day will be structured to create an intensely collaborative and creative atmosphere.


Space is limited! Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, however we will be lightly selecting participants in order to have a diversity of artistic genres and geographical locations represented. If you would like to register, email with the following information:

– Name
– Website/blog (if available)
– Your artistic discipline (eg, media arts, dance, etc)
– Where you live
– Why you’re interested in the workshop (2-3 sentences)

Subtle Technologies is very pleased to be partnering with Perimeter Institute to make this workshop possible.